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I was approaching a transition in life around my career path. It was important for me that I spent time working on bringing out my best self to make decisions and choices that would support a more authentic life. Kim was an amazing coach, partner, visualization master, and support system. The work we did together around perspectives was SO powerful for me. I now feel extremely confident in my ability to navigate life’s unknowns with a strong set of values. She helped me discover my authentic self and let me tell you…once that is unlocked, there is an immense amount of pressure and stress released. I highly recommend Kim for anyone who wants a committed coach who brings a variety of methods to each session and guides you to a much deeper place in order to bring your best self to life! - independent freelancer, New York City

Kim is a very authentic and intuitive coach. In my few sessions with Kim, she was able to articulate many things that I wasn't able to see myself. She also helped me get in touch with my true emotions and the parts of me that are more powerful but that I hadn't been able to access myself. As a result I was able to make a decision that was much more in line with who I am and my values and for that I am deeply grateful for Kim - coach & entrepreneur, Singapore

Working with Kim is a blessing! Through our work together I have learned to let go of old habits, embrace my uniqueness, reconnect with self-confidence, and nourish myself through all my senses and food - program specialist, Los Angeles


Kim is a highly compassionate, intelligent and intuitive coach.  She guided me to explore my values, what I want and need as well as who my best self really is.  I credit her for giving me the tools that I can draw on to keep me balanced and focused on my goals - director of corporate retail, New York City

Working with Kim was really insightful. She helped me work through my issues, formulate plans and taught me techniques on how to execute them. Life seems much more manageable when shown the tools how to organize my mind and feelings - chef, San Francisco

I worked with Kim for about six months last year. Looking back, I realize I was desperately trying to find my inner-voice again -- re-trust my gut feeling -- but I was having a hard time hearing it over the noise and busy-ness of my brain.  When I first called Kim, I was looking for help with my chronic, long-lasting migraines. I had been living in what I call a "migraine fog" for about three months in the winter of 2017. It felt intimately connected to my work as a middle/high school teacher, where my days are always jam-packed and it often feels like I don't have a moment to breathe. I knew I valued my job in many ways, but was at a breaking point. Initially, all I wanted Kim to help me solve was "should I leave my job?" We quickly came up with other goals and questions, ones that permeated deeper than my current job and focused on my own values and lifestyle choices. At the time of our calls, I always knew I loved talking to Kim and often felt a sense of relief by the end of the hour, but I wasn't always sure where Kim and I were headed. A year later, so many pieces of our conversations have fallen into place: I can hear my inner voice -- that gut-level voice -- loud and clear almost all of the time. I feel back in-tune with myself. Our conversations took a longer time to settle than I would have expected, but that's been part of my learning is that things that matter need time and space. My favorite tactic that Kim used in our conversations was with helping me imagine more, always asking me "what image pops into your head when you feel that way?" or "if you could pick an image to describe this moment, what would it be?" A lot of the imagery that immediately popped into my brain are things that have stuck with me, and continue to be comforting and helpful as I listen to my inner-voice. It's also a tactic I've started using with my students when they're struggling to figure out what's right for them. What I valued most about my conversations with Kim, however, was how hard she worked to meet me where I was, and then her persistence in pushing me to somewhere new in each call. She brings a tenacity and fierceness that pushed me to dig deeper, and I loved that. I am so grateful to her for taking me on. A year from when our conversations began, I am rarely getting migraines and feel much clearer about relying on my body to help me make decisions. I couldn't have asked for anything more - teacher, Vermont



I consider the way I met Kim, to be one of those “small miracles” we often talk and hear about. About a year ago, when I was training to become a Co-Active Coach with CTI (Coaches Training Institute), I decided to use “Coach-Match”,  a great resource that CTI provides for its coaches in training. It is a huge platform, with hundreds of people on, who have practices all over the world! Obviously I searched for a while. What made me stop and pay attention to Kim’s profile is the uniqueness of the combination of her talents and services she portrayed as offering. Ayurveda, Wellness, Chef and Coach? I thought, wow! This is fresh and interesting! I checked her website and I was so amazed with the diversity of her skills (said she was also a member of the women’s soccer team at university!), activity, interests and events she organises. Even retreats in France and Italy? And, she lived in Sonoma County, California, which is 10 hours behind my timezone! That would make organising our coaching calls, a sweet challenge? I was intrigued!

My instinct did not let me down! I loved Kim from the first time we “met” online. I liked how every time she would pop up on my screen - through our zoom calls, I would see these big, wooden shelves behind her, full of cups, saucers, plates and kitchen equipment. Well, what do you expect? A chef and a coach! Our coaching sessions were productive, effective and so much fun! I remember once we were both jumping up and down and moving about our rooms - one in USA and the other in Cyprus! I noticed that Kim always carried a an air of beautiful light energy around her and conducted our sessions with ease, coupled with a firmness and discipline that comes from confidence, knowing your stuff and great willingness to serve her clients. After each session, I felt I had shifted, moved on to another stage or was swept by feelings of euphoria! I highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to work or partner with her, within her very many capacities! - company founder & director, Cyprus


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