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working with me

Working with me means that you and I partner together as a team, uncovering and accessing your innate resources that will help you build new pathways to a more fulfilling and healthier life. 


Coaching focuses on how you want to feel now and in the future, and we create accountability that helps you start taking steps toward the life you want from day 1.


We work together to create more balance in your life, by identifying the current way you are looking at things and accessing new perspectives that help you gain back the power over situations where you may be feeling stuck.


1-on-1 sessions are either done in person or virtually via FaceTime, Skype, or phone. 


A coaching partnership with me always involves an initial 90-minute discovery session designing our work together and honing in on your main goals that you want to achieve.  From there, we work twice monthly so that there is enough time in between sessions for you to practice integrating your learnings into your daily routine.


For those interested in weaving Ayurveda into your wellness game plan, we also begin with an Ayurvedic consultation in person or virtually, where we identify your specific constitution and any physical or emotional imbalances you are currently facing.  You will gain an understanding on the basics of Ayurveda and learn how to make gradual shifts in your diet & lifestyle that will help you achieve your unique balance and alignment. Coaching calls and Ayurveda follow-ups will interweave with one another to address the needs to care for both mind and body in order to create lasting transformation.

Some key take-aways from what you can expect during our work together:

Uncover your core values so we can get clear on what you want 

Reconnect with your intuitive voice and leverage it to make clear decisions and effective choices

Develop a tangible, step-by-step plan to make the vision of your work and life a reality

Challenge your old belief system with powerful questions that help you shift into a new perspective 

Establish practices that reinforce your values, and re-write old, disempowering stories of doubt and disbelief

Create a life that is authentic & unapologetic, bringing you more fulfillment to your everyday life

For a free 30-min sample coaching session, please sign up here!

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group workshops

For those looking to add more wellness into the workplace for your teams, here are a few offerings: 

* Sonoma County Day Retreat : A full day to disconnect around beautiful west Sonoma County, with wellness activities designed specifically for the needs of your team. Some options include natural wine tasting, foraging hike, organic farm tour, outdoor yoga, and local cooking classes. For more details, please contact me HERE

* Ayurveda & Stress Management : Basics of Ayurveda, How to identify when stress shows up in our mind & bodies, and recommended food, exercise, and daily routine shifts we can make to help mitigate unwanted stress

* Food & Mood : Ayurveda & The Six Tastes : Interactive introduction to the six tastes of Ayurveda and how they impact our mind & body. Identify of each individual's unique constitution and gain a basic understanding on which types of food pacify which emotions and correct any imbalances we may be facing.


* Team cooking classes : Team building & communication improvement through partnering up and creating delicious food together!

For pricing info and any inquiries related to corporate workshops:


Please reach out to me with your questions or comments!

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