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Meet Kim

Kim is a former corporate retail director & semi-pro athlete turned Certified Coach, Ayurveda Counselor, and Natural Foods Chef.

After going through her own personal health struggles with burn-out, stress, poor digestion, and mental fatigue, Kim’s work now revolves around helping others gain access to more nourishing lives.


In her work with personal & corporate clients, Kim weaves coaching & ayurveda principles together to create a multi-dimensional approach to well-being that addresses the entire psychophysical system when tackling common imbalances of today’s modern world, such as stress, anxiety, energy depletion, and digestion challenges.


Aside from her 1-on-1 work, Kim teaches group workshops, holds Ayurveda pop up dinners, cooks at two farm & retreat centers in Sonoma County, and co-hosts wellness retreats around the world that combine her passions for true food, authentic connection, and travel.

I was approaching a transition in life around my career path. It was important for me that I spent time working on bringing out my best self to make decisions and choices that would support a more authentic life. Kim was an amazing coach, partner, visualization master, and support system. The work we did together around perspectives was SO powerful for me. I now feel extremely confident in my ability to navigate life’s unknowns with a strong set of values. She helped me discover my authentic self and let me tell you…once that is unlocked, there is an immense amount of pressure and stress released. I highly recommend Kim for anyone who wants a committed coach who brings a variety of methods to each session and guides you to a much deeper place in order to bring your best self to life! - independent freelancer, New York City

Kim is a very authentic and intuitive coach. In my few sessions with Kim, she was able to articulate many things that I wasn't able to see myself. She also helped me get in touch with my true emotions and the parts of me that are more powerful but that I hadn't been able to access myself. As a result I was able to make a decision that was much more in line with who I am and my values and for that I am deeply grateful for Kim - coach & entrepreneur, Singapore

Kim is a highly compassionate, intelligent and intuitive coach.  She guided me to explore my values, what I want and need as well as who my best self really is.  I credit her for giving me the tools that I can draw on to keep me balanced and focused on my goals - director of corporate retail, New York City


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JUNE 7-10, 2018

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